Tour Edge Exotics EXS Ti-Utility Silver Iron


Tour Edge Exotics EXS Ti-Utility Silver Iron

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The EXS Ti-Utility hollow-body utility iron features a Beta Titanium L-Cup Face combo brazed onto a 431 stainless steel body that produces the ultimate in perimeter weighting distance and forgiveness. 

The face of the Ti-Utility is softer and hotter than our previous utility iron designs, producing maximum face flex, faster ball speeds, lower spin and optimal sound and feel properties. 

The lighter face also allows for a deeper Center of Gravity so the sole can be narrower for the ideal presentation at address, while still being extremely easy to hit. 


  • Hollow-Body Design allows for perfect weight distribution and maximum forgiveness.
  • Beta Titanium L-Cup Face wraps around the leading edge acting as a hinge to provide maximum power and ball speed from more contact points on the face.
  • Combo Brazing is a zero welding technologu that fuses titanium to steel, reducing weight in the face and allowing for a more pure tranfer of energy from club to ball.
  • Compact, Classic Face Shape allows for the workability of a traditional forged iron.
  • Rounded Hybird-Style Sole combined with beleveled leading edge allows the club to glide easily through any turf condition.

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