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BirTee Pro Golf Tees $12.95
The revolutionary BIRTEE PRO golf tees are designed to be fast and easy to use for golfers of all calibres and ages. People love their consistency. They are also very durable and recyclable and are Made in Canada. The kit comes complete with 8 tees varying in height from 1/4" up to 2" with 1/4" incremental steps. It provides every golfer with a constant height for any size club (Drivers, Woods, Hybrids & Irons) for every tee shot. The 8 tees conform with USGA & RCGA Rules of Golf and the U.S. Patent was also granted on May 31, 2011. They are also available in Individual Sizes Packs. The BIRTEE PRO works on normal golf surfaces, as well as on any hard surface such as gym floors, indoor GOLF SIMULATORS (CLICK HERE) and even frozen ground. It was designed to be reusable, durable, recyclable and more convenient than conventional tees. It eliminates the need for pushing tees into the ground, but most importantly it eliminates the guess work for achieving a constant tee height. The 8 constant heights will give every golfer more confidence and consistency. Features: 8 tees varying in height from 1/4" up to 2" with 1/4" incremental steps. Use on the golf course, indoor golf simulators, driving range, hitting mats and frozen ground!Reusable, durable, recyclable and more convenient than conventional tees.Conform with USGA & RCGA Rules of GolfThe BIRTEE PRO tees provide EASY CONSISTENCY and is ideal in almost any application.
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Pride Professional ... $9.99
  The Titanium Strength Tee is outfitted with a thicker shaft for a more sturdy tee. Experience the ultimate in durability with the Titanium Strength Tee! This tee features a thicker shaft that provides extra stability and support for your golf game. Don't settle for flimsy tees that break easily. Take your game to the next level with the strength and reliability of our titanium tee! Features: Thicker shaft for a robust build Longer lasting tee Fast and easy Colour length indicator
Pride Professional ... from $7.95
Features: #1 Tee on the PGA Tour 100% Natural Hardwood Color bar indicates Tee length Painted, Printed and Packaged in the U.S.A. Perfect for drivers over 360cc
Golf Pride Evolutio... $7.99
Pride Professional Tee System (PTS) Evolution is a plastic performance tee engineered with special low-resistance tips that create less friction between the golf ball and tee - resulting in longer drives. Features: Low-Resistance Tip fpr less friction Plastic material lasts longer Packaging may vary 2-3/4" long For drivers under 360cc Special low-resistance tips Reduced tee friction generates maximum distance Assists in longer drives
On Course Martini Tees $5.99
Features: Sold as Pack of 5 3 1/4in Length Virtually Unbreakable Conforms to USGA Rules Made From Proprietary Polymer Resin Blend Made in the USA Model number: MARTINI-5PK
Martini Golf Tees S... $5.99
Features:  Longer, straighter drives 2 inch tees Conforms to USGA Rules of Golf Made in the USA, specifically, in Michigan
Pride Professional ... $3.99
The majority of today's players have large volume drivers. Unfortunately, most are still using the traditional 2 1/8" short tee which is totally incapable of properly positioning the ball with respect to the drivers "sweetspot". Features: Color coded tees allow you to easily identify length and appropriateness for various golf clubs Properly position your ball with respect to the drivers sweetspot At least half of the ball should be above the topline of the club A high, long tee encourages a shallow approach and maximizes the launch angle The majority of PGA Tour players use ProLength tees each week
Pride Professional ... $8.95
Features: 100% Wood Imported #1 Tee on the PGA Tour 100% Natural Hardwood Color bar indicates Tee length Painted, Printed and Packaged in the U.S.A. Perfect for Drivers under 360cc 2-3/4" long Perfect for most 3, 4 and 5 woods and moderate volume drivers. A high (long) tee encourages a shallow approach and maximizes the launch angle Properly positions the ball with respect to the drivers "sweetspot"
Pride Evolution Pro... from $7.99
Professional Tee System™ (PTS) Pride Performance™ plastic golf tees are a specialized tee constructed with top-grade ABS material, which gives them unmatched durability, lasting for more drives than traditional tees. The unique PTS color-coding system helps ensure that you grab the right height tee every time. Performance™ tees are engineered with special low-resistant heads that creates less friction between the tee and the golf ball during impact resulting in longer drives! Features: 1 1/2"  - 30 count package - White/orange stripe tee provides input on depth to insert tee into ground consistently. 3 1/4" - 30 count package - White/blue stripe tee provides input on depth to insert tee into ground consistently. Choose the best PTS Performance™ Tee size for your clubs:Many golfers have a particular favorite size depending on the club being used. The shorter 1 1/2" size is great for irons and hybrids, while the longer 3 1/4" size is a popular size for all drivers. 1 1/2" - for irons, hybrids & low profile woods 3 1/4” - for drivers over 360cc **Package may vary
J & M Ball Marker G... $2.99
Features: Package includes 1 poker chip with ball marker only Double sided, magnetic ball marker NFL team logo on both sides of ball marker Ball mark fits perfectly into poker chip Support your NFL team on the course
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PTS Step Down Tees ... $3.99
Features: Wood golf tees Color coded to allow for easy identification of tee length Lets you choose the tee length that is appropriate for your driver or club Allows you to place tees at a consistent height every time Lengths: Red: 2-1/8" - ideal for irons, hybrids and low profile woods
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Pride Golf Tees Deluxe $1.99
Since 1950, the Pride Deluxe Golf Tee has been the No. 1 golf tee in the world. Made of 100% solid hardwood, every Pride Deluxe Tee is engineered and designed to provide maximum performance and durability.  
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Golf Pride Evolutio... $11.99
Performance now offers the perfect mix for any golfer with its new Performance Combo Pack. Featuring either 40 2¾” or 3¼” “Driver/Fairway” tees along with 10 1½” iron/hybrid tees, you can be sure you will have the perfect tee for every club in your bag. Featuring durable ABS material, each Performance tee is designed to last longer and provide you with the most consistent hitting height every time. Hit it long…hit it straight…with Performance Tees! Features: Plastic construction Low-resistance tip for less friction Plastic material to last longer  3 black stripes on each tee for consistency Packaging may vary
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Zero Friction ZFT M... $8.99
Introducing the ZFT Maxx system tees. These tees offer the same great design, distance and performance as Zero Friction's original 4-prong tees with 66% reduced contact area but are extra-large, extra thick and extra durable. Great for beginners and those who want easier ball placement on the tee. 
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On Course Flex Tees... $7.95
Designed to make every golfer of any handicap better by adding distance to each tee shot. Improves the consistency of your game. The built-in stops allow your ball to be set consistently at the optimized height for each iron, fairway, or driver tee shot you make. Three heights of FlexTee make setup simple and easy. With patent pending "Flexible" design, FlexTee reduces drag and gives every shot incredible distance and accuracy. 

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